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Why The Excuses Bootcamp Wil Change Your Life?

The greatest things in life come from humble beginnings, the no excuses boot camp is no different.


Launched out of a passion for the personal development of others with a view to creating a fitness family full of success stories, this is one fitness movement that's here to stay. We'll be spreading our unique brand of personal excellence all over Hong Kong as we help you conquer any and every goal you dare to imagine.

Delivered by world class instructors who are ready and willing at all times to support and mentor you every step of the way - the no excuses boot camp will become one of the greatest journeys of your life.


What does this mean for you?


One of the toughest aspects of physical fitness is getting started. This part of the process has to go smoothly otherwise you’re simply never going to achieve your goals in the long term.


No matter what your current level of experience is, it’s important that you receive the same warm welcome and induction process as everyone else taking part in the no excuses boot camp - from an all important, seamless integration into our ranks at the beginning all the way to your final goal attainment.

we'll ensure you're totally satisfied every step you take on your journey.


How does the no excuses boot camp deliver the results I need?


As we all know, some exercises programs and thought processes just aren’t as effective as others. What you’ll find at the no excuses boot camp is an array of the best exercises, techniques and methods available to take your physique and fitness goals to the next level all delivered by the highest calibre team of professionals you'll find anywhere.



The NO EXCUSES Bootcamp philosophy


There’s no filler material here, the aim of the game is to completely change who you are for the better and become the person you’ve been dreaming of becoming for years. Anything less than your total satisfaction isn’t good enough for us.


How far can I realistically take this?


This isn’t just a fitness program or “drop in” class. This is potentially the most important commitment you’ll ever make in your life. How many people do you know who start training at the gym or head down to their local field for an outdoor exercise class consisting of exactly the same stuff week in week out?

They’re often the same people who quit within a few weeks of starting because they didn’t get the stability and motivation they needed to make their goals an achievable reality. At best, they may have marginally increased their fitness levels, at worst, they simply wasted their money.


You’re not going to be one of those people - this fitness program will equip you with everything you need to achieve your fitness goals at a minimal level or become a competitive athlete at the maximum end. The world is yours.


Mind changing


When you take part in the no excuses boot camp, you need to be prepared to make some serious changes. Your perspective and approach to life in general is going to alter just as fast as your physical form changes for the better.


You’re going to be equipped with the disciplined mind set needed to conquer absolutely every area of your life, not only your fitness and appearance, but your work life, your home life and generally any area where you may previously have struggled to make serious headway whilst enjoying widely varied training sessions.


Think outside of the box, don’t just picture your fitness and appearance improving, picture your self confidence, social interaction and personal expectations shooting through the roof. That’s exactly what’s going to happen.


Commit to a new you.





I trained with Eric during both pre-natal and post-natal when I was expecting my second child. Iwas very pleased with my body maintaining tonus while I was pregnant, especially in my arms where I even gained strength. I believe it helped me limit my weigh gain (11 kg vs. 16 kg in my first pregnancy)

Fe. Ve


"I hated every every second of the personal training. But today i want to say "thank you" for making me believe that " Anything is possible". if we are determined,committed,focused towards our fitness goal. Also as rightly said by you " is not going to be easy,it's going to be worth it"hitng my goal of 22% body fat was so easy

Patrick D


"My kids love the classes!"




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