Why No excuses bootcamp?


We understand that talent is the number one operating priority in a company. Talent contributes to a company’s culture, and a happy and healthy  Employee is able to contribute better to the bottom line. There is a multitude of literature that supports this and purports that:


  • Wellness programs help employees be more productive. They take lesser sick days off and are more motivated in their jobs.

  • Companies pay less in insurance and workers compensation costs when employees are healthy.

  • There has been a correlation established between a healthy energetic and engaged workforce and increased company earnings.


Allow us to help you look after your employee’s health and physical well-being with the various fitness classes we have outlined below. A healthy body, after all, is a healthy mind, and a healthy mind is good for business.


We also have a very special program for your Senior Management employees – titled “Fit To Lead” – because we know that they really need to be in ‘fighting fit’ shape to deal with internal and external business pressures on a daily basis, and still be able to operate at optimum level when they go on business travel. Most importantly, they can’t afford any downtime from falling ill or being unhealthy.