PRe / post natal 

Certified pre and post natal sports recovery trainer.


Customised pre / post natal program available. Modified with adjusted intensity during and after pregnancy.

Tracking alignment with regular OB check ups.

Flexibile location and schedule.

Please get in touch for further discussion.


I trained with Eric during both pre-natal and post-natal when I was expecting my second child. I started a pre-natal program twice a week with Eric when I was about 3 months pregnant. He first assessed my general physical condition and then tailor made aprogram suiting my needs and of course compatible with my pregnancy. 

At every session, he closely followed my OB checkups making sure that I had no issues or concerns. We would start each session with a warm up follow by a combination of circuit training involving modified core work and kickboxing practice. Each session would end with stretching. Eric gradually modified the exercises as my pregnancy progressed and replaced push-ups by other exercises when I could not lie on my belly anymore. I was very pleased with my body maintaining tonus while I was pregnant, especially in my arms where I even gained strength. I believe it helped me limit my weigh gain (11 kg vs. 16 kg in my first pregnancy). 

I trained until I gave birth (natural birth) and started my post-natal program 2 months later. In fact, I shed off my pregnancy weight within the two first months, which was exceptional because in my first pregnancy it took me 9 months with a lot of exercise. When I look back, I believe the key is to start as early as possible a healthy exercise routine, even before pregnancy. In my case, I was much more fit when I became pregnant the second time