Jordan Roberts,


a certify personal trainer who hold a number of specific programs qualifications including TRX trainer, ViPR instructor, speed & agility instructor and body conditioning.

Jordan want to make a difference in your life. If your health objectives involve fat loss, muscle toning, strength and conditioning, then Jordan has the knowledge and experience to help you achieve your ambitions. Let him reshape your attitude to fitness and see what difference it makes.




Eric De Koba is a former champion in French kickboxing (savate), a white collar-boxing coach, and a certified fitness performance specialist. He was a top trainer at one of Hong Kong’s longest-standing and most reputable mixed martial arts gyms, Impakt Mixed Martial Arts, from 2007 to 2011, then opened a branch of that same gym in Singapore in 2011.  

Back in Hong Kong since 2015, he has been freelancing with Impakt Mixed Martial Arts, and runs his own Consulting services, boot camp fitness training on Hong Kong island and in the Eastern New Territories. His program, the “No Excuses Bootcamp” is a combination of outdoor and indoor fitness training comprising cardio, strength, plyometric, cross-training and core exercises. Upon request, he includes in the training boxing or kickboxing.