Keeping Fit Amongst The Hong Kong Hustle - Can It Be Done?

We know it. You know it. One of the toughest aspects of physical fitness is getting started. Correct?

In a place like Hong Kong where work sucks you dry and spits you out like a Typhoon 8 rolling through the New Territories, the last thing on your mind when you get home (late, after your deadlines) is to get changed and drag yourself to the gym.

Whether you’re working or you’re at home care-giving for your kids while your spouse is off busy climbing the corporate ladder, Hong Kong’s lifestyle can really beat you down.

Before you know it, Lay’s chips and Netflix are the only friends you know, your mid-section is ever expanding and you’re wondering “How did I get here?”.

So how to get out of the rut?

As an ex-professional fighter and an ex-fitness trainer in a top MMA gym in Hong Kong, I’ve seen all sorts of clientele fight and conquer, and many times fail, their fitness goals. So I wanted to do things different to how I did before.

I thought to myself, “What if I showed people that they could achieve their fitness goals anytime, anywhere?” Hong Kong has such great outdoor spaces to train at, both on and off the island.

Maybe I’d introduce light equipment, but for the most part, I wanted to take people out of the gym environment and show them that all their fitness goals could be achieved anywhere they wanted, even if it was in their living room.

Back to basics.

That is my fitness philosophy.

Every day we seem to be assaulted with some new trendy fitness program that everyone is suddenly into. What people forget is sometimes the best workouts are those that don’t require much equipment or state of the art gym space.

I will show you how you can achieve this anytime, anywhere … and you will have NO EXCUSES to not workout.

Getting back to basics will be the main thing I discuss in this blog moving forward. Each post will cover a certain aspect of the training I regularly incorporate into my outdoor boot camp sessions the “No Excuses Boot camp” which takes place on and off Hong Kong island.

The key to my program is how to use versatile, and light equipment to yield big results – anytime, anywhere.

As an ex-professional athlete, I will show you how to train like a pro, and show you that there are no excuses or barriers to achieving your fitness goals.

Watch this space.

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