5 Steps To Curbing Excess Calories Over Xmas (Part 1)

What an amazing time of year Christmas is!

There are parties taking place everywhere you turn, everyone's in a good mood and even food seems to taste better during the festive season.

As great as all of this is - it's also a time for immense temptation and subsequently you're going to need to exercise some serious willpower if you want to avoid slamming on loads of excess body fat.

Luckily for you, we're going to do a two part special on small tips you can implement to help you avoid consuming thousands of extra calories over the Xmas window - with a little strategic implementation you'll stay lean and mean going into the new year.

Tip # 1 - Avoid going to Xmas parties with an empty stomach

Sure, you're supposed to enjoy all of the amazing food on offer at your office xmas party (or even a social gathering at a friends house) - but you can sample the variety of flavours on offer without overindulging massively in the process.

Make sure you eat a slow burning meal roughly two hours before you head out and you'll be too full to overindulge whilst being empty enough to enjoy a few mince pies or a glass of mulled wine. This is a great safeguard.

Tip # 2 - Don't be tempted by the Christmas special offers

Christmas might seem like a great opportunity to capitalise on some amazing offers and get way more bang for your buck than ever, but don't be fooled; the shops just want to offload as much excess stock as possible because they know it'll all be redundant soon.

You may get a little more for your money, but this works in more ways than one - you'll also be left with far more food than you need thus leading to an abundance of extra calories being consumed.

Tip # 3 - Limit the booze

Did you know that alcohol can inhibit fat burning by up to 50%? Considering most people consume buckets full of it over this period, that's an awful lot of wasted fat burning potential!

There are some practical tips you can implement like adding sparkling water to your wine to dilute it, or choosing the less calorific white spirits over the dark ones - when it comes to mixers choose diet soda instead of the standard sugar laden versions; all of these small changes could make a world of difference.

Tip # 4 - Be prepared at all times

One of the best ways to ensure you stay on track is to prepare healthy snacks to carry with you so that you don't get caught short - this means you'll buy less convenience food that's almost always bad for you.

Stay in keeping with the season and base some of your snacking activity around turkey or lean ham - a handful of cranberries and cashew nuts is also a healthy and convenient way to satisfy your hunger whilst you're on the move. You can stay festive whilst watching your waist line too.

Tip # 5 - Reduce the sugar content in your baking

This is such a simple but effective tip - if you reduce the amount of sugar you add to the food you bake by half you'll see a dramatic difference on the scales.

All the "hidden" sugar in your Christmas cake or mince pies could create an enormous difference to your calorie intake - when you're baking them, opt for sugar free sweeteners or closely monitor the amount you put in and you'll be surprised at how vastly you lower their overall calorie profile.

Every little really does add up - especially over the course of a month. One teaspoon less here and there might save your waist line.

Look out for the next five Xmas calorie reducing tips in a couple of weeks time!

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