Cauliflower Instead Of Rice On New Years Eve? Make The Switch!

Rice has been a staple part of the human diet for centuries; but does that mean it's really a great nutrient source?

New Years Eve festivities are a time for overabundance in almost every area - this definitely includes rice consumption and you'll typically find that your friends and family chow down on copious amounts of the stuff during this all important might too!

Due to the fact that we've become so accustomed to it - you won't find many people who would question whether or not rice is actually less beneficial for us than other food types - but we're now going to open your eyes to a far more beneficial alternative that isn't going to put your waist line or health at risk.

The magic of cauliflower

What's so great about cauliflower? You can do pretty much everything with it that you'd do with rice (including grating it and turning it INTO rice!) except it's going to come with almost zero carbohydrate content and a plethora of vitamins to boot.

One of the most worrying elements of rice is that it is almost completely nutritionally devoid - the micronutrient content it offers is almost non existent, and this is no good at all for your health.

On balance, cauliflower comes packed with vitamin C, vitamin K and even contains some omega 3 fat amongst other elements - all of which combine to assist in everything from immune support to healthy cell growth.

These benefits are great in their own right, but when you combine them with the fact that cauliflower has such a low carbohydrate content when compared to rice - it's hands down going to be a better option for you on NYE as a go-to side to your main meals.

No water retention

As if the above positive traits weren't enough, you're also going to find that you don't store any water or bloat when consuming cauliflower due to it not being starch based - this means you're not going to walk around feeling "heavy" and sluggish.

It can seriously affect your mood and you need to be as cheerful as possible at this time of year! - not to mention that you'll enter the new year with a smile due to not slamming on excess fat.

You should seriously consider making the switch to cauliflower as soon as possible - it could be the most beneficial gift your body receives this year.

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