3 Minute Workout To Blitz Festive Fat

You're probably in need of a little assistance right about now...

Don't worry - so are millions of other people. Despite your best intentions, it happened - you overconsumed during the festive season and you now need to get rid of excess body fat.

One of the major problems with burning fat in general is that people often try to do too much too soon - the key is to attack your calorie burning in a manner that works for you as conveniently as possible by fitting into your normal daily structure.

You can slowly build up to performing exercise more regularly once you've started at a manageable level - but if you try to start at the higher end of the scale by performing TOO much activity from the start you'll simply burn out within a few weeks.

I've created a 3 minute metabolism boosting workout for you to add into your daily structure that's going to help melt through all of that overconsumption in no time - grab a sweat towel and water bottle and get ready to seize the day!

The 3 minute workout

Perform the following exercises for 20 seconds each, with a 10 second gap in between each movement - this entire sequence needs to be performed seamlessly in this fashion until the entire 3 minute duration has been reached.

  • Mountain climbers (in press up position - proceed to bring one knee to the chest whilst keeping the other stretched out, then perform a small hop and switch legs then repeat the movement continuously for the designated time frame)

  • High knee raise sprints (simply "run" on the spot as fast as you can whilst elevating the knees to the chest)

Once you have completed your first 3 minute circuit; take 30 seconds rest and repeat the entire 3 minute sequence again.

Once two separate 3 minute rounds have been completed - you've nailed it for today!

Your initial aim should be to perform this routine four times a week during your first week, then six times during the second week and onwards for at least four weeks to see a noticeable difference - try to perform it before breakfast if possible to enhance your fat burning potential.

Integrating this small but highly effective metabolism boosting circuit and performing it to the absolute best of your ability is going to guarantee some serious results. You've got to ensure that your nutrition is as effective as humanly possible at least 85% of the time throughout the year in order to maximise the benefit of your training.

Our next post is going to be all about nutrition and how you can make some small and simple changes to optimise your body for amazing results year round in a stress free and convenient manner.

You'll be back to normal in no time - the right time to shred through those excess calories is NOW!

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