Traditional Chinese Dishes - The Healthy Way

Real Chinese food is bursting with flavour and contains a dense array of nutrients - the only problem is that some of it is quite calorific meaning that it's pretty difficult to indulge in a guilt free manner.

I'm going to show you how you can recreate some of the regions finest flavours without slamming excess calories on in the process - whether you're a meat lover or you prefer something a little more delicate, you're sure to find something you'll enjoy in the list below.

Gyoza Dumplings

Traditional Chinese dumplings taste incredible but they can be insanely calorific being that the "wrapper" can be heavily carbohydrate laden - if you use Gyoza wrappers to make them with you're going to vastly reduce their calorie content. All you have to do is choose a healthy filling and you've got it nailed.

Try using lean white meat (or even fish - salmon works great) in conjunction with some green and leafy vegetables to create the filling, then simply wrap them up in the Gyoza paper, cook them and you're good to go!

Sweet And Sour Anything!

This is easily one of the most versatile dishes out there in terms of adaptation for a healthy nutrition plan - to be honest, the majority of the "bad" calories in this dish often come from the sauce and this element can easily be customised to turn a tasty treat into finely tuned body fuel.

The first element to consider is the meat - there are many other types out there you can use that are going to have a much smaller fat content such as turkey, chicken or even lean beef. From there, add in plenty of green and leafy vegetables and create the "sweet" part of your sauce using a healthy addition like Manuka honey (even natural honey will work just fine.) The sour aspect can be created using light soy sauce. These simple changes alone will severely limit the damage done to your waistline and arteries.

Healthy Spring Rolls

The key to making low calorie spring rolls is rice paper! This stuff is great for reducing the carb content on your plate - equally, if you're careful with your fillings then you can make double sure that you're getting nothing but a mouthful of pure, wholesome nutrition.

Try filling your rolls with fresh vegetables or even diced fruit before baking them - equally, lean meat or fish is going to be a great way of hitting your protein count without the guilt. Combine the two to get double the health punch!

These small changes can transform some of the most popular Chinese dishes into nutritionally dense plates of super food, and if you add the right herbs and spices they can deliver every ounce of the flavour you'd expect from the traditional version too.

Give them a try!

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