Meditate Your Way To A Healthier Body

Believe it or not, stress alone can be the main factor involved in stopping you achieving your fitness and health goals due to the incredibly damaging effect it has on the body.

You can't see it, you can't specifically measure it - but we all know that stress exists, and when it rears its ugly head we can DEFINITELY feel its effects on our body. It can be anything from regular headaches to feeling lethargic and tired in general or even excessively moody, we all internalise and manifest stress differently.

Meditation is one of if not the singular most effective method for alleviating stress due to the fact that you can incorporate and practice it almost any where at any time - ultimately, meditation is simply the ability to cut ones self off from their surroundings and be at peace.

Cortisol - your worst enemy

The reason why stress is so bad for us is that it releases a hormone known as cortisol - this hormone actually serves to inhibit fat burning, decrease our ability to detoxify our body and ultimately causes pretty terrible damage to our internal functionality.

As a result, our overall capacity to function and feel our normal selves is completely diminished.

Meditation - cure and saviour

It's safe to say that the vast majority of stresses we face actually come about as a result of our chronic overthinking of situations and circumstances - all we typically need to de-stress ourselves is a realignment of our perspective, and we're then able to tackle and overcome our obstacle.

This is why meditation is the perfect answer to pretty much any stress related issue - through the practice of deep breathing (that by the way helps to rid our body of toxins and stabilize our heart rate) we're able to slow the body down, restore its normal functionality and approach whatever we may be faced with in a rational and calm manner.

Over the next few weeks, try to close your eyes and take deep breaths by inhaling through the nose whilst pushing your belly button out, before breathing out and pulling it in and upwards in a slow and controlled fashion whenever you encounter stress. Repeat this for roughly two minutes and you'll definitely feel a lot calmer due to the influx of oxygen and the "rational" atmosphere it'll help to establish inside your head.

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