Valentines Day - Couples Workout

Love is in the air and it's time for some quality time a lone with your special someone.

No, we're not talking about something as mundane as going for a meal...why don't you show your partner how much you REALLY care by taking them through this awesome couples workout for an experience they'll never forget!

This workout is going to revolve entirely around bodyweight exercises, and you're going to have to work as a team if you want to make it through to the end.

You need to perform 30 seconds of continuous activity for each of the six exercises listed. Once this 3 minute period (6 rounds of 30 seconds) has elapsed, it'll then be time for a 30 second rest before you perform the same circuit again four more times.

In total, this means the workout will last 15 minutes...and what a 15 minutes it'll be!

The couples workout exercises

This list of exercises is going to provide everything you need to ensure that your loved one has a valentines day they'll never forget...

  1. "Cross Body" Press Ups (for those who can, make sure your belly never touches the ground throughout)

  2. Supported squats (for those who can, try the supported one legged "pistol" squat)

  3. Sitting shoulder press

  4. Supported press up

  5. Supported leg raise and squat combo

  6. Partner sit ups

Make sure you watch the video carefully and follow the session guidelines in the first section directly so that you get the most out of this high octane full body blast!

Be careful when applying pressure onto each other that you don't put too much on at once - slowly let your body weight settle in and only apply as much as your partner can comfortably handle.

These exercises are going to give you a great full body workout whilst allowing you both to get up close and personal with each other!

Give your bodies the TLC they deserve and give this a shot today.

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