Stretch For Success

When was the last time you stretched before or after exercise? What about the last time you stretched EVER? Don't worry....neither did millions of other people today. We KNOW we should, but because it's not particularly exciting or engaging; we prefer to ignore it completely. After all, when was the last time anyone stretched their way to a set of six pack abs? Or stretched over the finishing line of a marathon? We simply don't associate it with our goal attainment or well being as often as we should - here's why you should though.... Postural Alignment

You can do all the training and healthy eating you want, but if you develop muscle knots and tightness that go un "checked" over a sustained period of time - they're going to wreak havoc on your posture.

This will subsequently affect the manner in which you perform exercise and go through life in general.

Stretching regularly will reduce tightness and allow you to avoid "knotting" completely.

Aches And Pains

Being inflexible is painful.

Seriously; when muscles tighten and knots develop it leads to injuries and" things" pushing against other "things" that they shouldn't be. It all gets really uncomfortable and generally hurts quite a lot.

Safeguard your joint and bone health by stretching regularly to avoid placing excess pressure on them as a result of weak and compromised muscles.

This ONE Stretch Could Fully Protect Your Posture

Just performing the "CaliSpine" stretch regularly after training or at any time during the day could help to develop flexibility in the major areas relevant to lower back pain and general functionality.

You need to make sure you perform this stretch on both sides of the body, and hold for a duration of anywhere between 15 - 30 seconds. Once you're comfortable with it, go for the higher number.

Taking a little time "out" to stretch in general is really important for ensuring that you can continue to do everything that you enjoy at an optimum level. It's not some "boring" and dated ritual - it's simply a vital part of your wellbeing.

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