Summer 8-week transformation plan

Transformations don’t have to be complicated. If you want to get yourself in the best shape of your life for summer and shift those excess pounds of stubborn body fat then you need to follow this 8-week transformation plan.

Stick to exactly what it says and you will see results FAST!

Week 1

During the first week of your 8-week transformation plan you need to lay the solid foundations of a good food plan. You need to figure out your daily calories using To achieve sustainable weight loss you need 500 calories less than your maintenance levels.

Next, you need to split your calories evenly 40% protein, 40% healthy fat 20% carbohydrate and some green leafy veg on the side.

You need to complete at least 3 full-body training sessions a week at 30-mins each.

Week 2

Week 2 will remain the same as week 1. You need to add in one extra day of cardio while following the same exercise patterns you started in week 1.

Week 3

Follow the same format as week 2. This week you need to cut your calories down by another 100 and these should come off from your healthy fats. Again if you need help with this, head over to

Week 4

Stick to the week 3 format but you need to add in another 30-minute cardio session to keep things progressing and moving forward.

Week 5

Continue with the same formula presented in week 4, there’s no additions or changes this week just keep yourself pushing hard.

Week 6

So with 3 weeks left we need to push you that bit harder to keep the weight coming off and the results coming in! You need to add in 1 session of 15-minutes HIIT cardio onto the end of any of your current sessions or at any other time of the day be it morning or night it doesn’t matter as long as it's convenient for you.

Week 7

Exactly the same as week 6 just add in 1 more HIIT cardio session.

Week 8

This is your last week so you need to push harder than ever! Following the same format from week 7 just add in one more 30-minute cardio session where you can.

DONE! That’s your 8-week summer transformation plan!

Don’t be afraid to push yourself hard and enjoy the results you achieve at the end, you’ve earned it!

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